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RubyTouch Patient Questionnaire DEMO 2.0

Welcome to RubyTouch!

1. The following demonstration survey, Depression Screening, is one of three tests that most insurance providers will pay for as part of an Annual Wellness Visit that includes:
  • G0444 - Depression Screening
  • G0442 - Annual Alcohol/Drug Misuse Screening
  • 96103 - Psychological Screening
RubyTouch is optimized to run on a mobile device, but may also be completed on a PC. It takes most people about 5 minutes to complete the survey, after which the three screening reports will be delivered along with a summary and analysis page via email. RubyTouch will also integrate with most EHR systems so that the screening results are sent directly to a patient's record.

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2. During this demonstration you can see what screening the questions pertain to by looking at the title of the page. For example, where it says "Welcome to RubyTouch!" above it will say something like "G0444 - Depression Screening". In the live version of this survey users will not see this, they will simply be asked the questions in chronological order. *This question is required.
3. RubyTouch has built-in intelligence to skip certain questions that are not relevant based on previous answers. This greatly reduces the amount of time patients spend taking the surveys.

RubyTouch will email results in an unencrypted PDF format. The live version of this survey will encrypt the results and password protect them to secure your patients' health information. Additionally, if you choose to interface RubyTouch with your EMR, this information will be even more secure.
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